BRAVA: optimized & proven technology to improve Total Cost
of Ownership

26 January 2021
Roberto Bolzonella - R&D Engineer

The current uncertain oil & gas climate requires a flexible and resilient approach in an extremely competitive landscape.

Innovation and solution driven thinking is crucial in leapfrogging self-imposed boundaries, leveraging technologies and practices developed and matured in similar industries or embracing newly developed capabilities.

The innovative concept of ball BRAVA valve (Boltless Reliable Advanced Valve) patented by PetrolValves Group, is entirely focused on the total cost optimization through the adoption of field proven technology. The new design reduces valve weight and dimensions, significantly improving CAPEX and OPEX by minimizing the costs of installation and maintenance.

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  • BRAVA: optimized and proven technology to improve TCO
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Boltless Reliable Advanced Valve
Lightweighting and dimension reduction are hot topics in the oil and gas sector. PetrolValves states it has developed a concept, BRAVA, that focuses on these issues.
Lucien Joppen
- Editor in Chief, Valve World