Our success is the result of the relentless commitment of people that think beyond their limits and seek innovative ideas.

The women and men in PetrolValves don’t settle for known scenarios and are continuously encouraged to imagine out of the box solutions to reinvent the way we address our customers’ needs and fully satisfy our Clients.
Constantly sharing and matching individual views and opinions enable developing long-lasting relations among our employees and enhance the collaboration with Clients and suppliers. Each single person pursues to deeply understand everybody’s needs and revolutionize common practices to find fast, efficient and sustainable solutions.
In PetrolValves we stimulate everybody’s energy flow and expression at the highest of their potential to achieve extraordinary results and keep our promises with transparency and integrity.

Together we keep improving ourselves and encouraging excellence.

Life at PetrolValves

Life at PetrolValves

Joining PetrolValves means becoming part of an innovative company that looks towards the future, where people work with a strong spirit of collaboration and aim at their personal and professional enrichment creating valuable bonds. In PetrolValves you will have the opportunity to work in an historic company with passionate professionals that push the boundaries of technology day after day.
Empowering people

Empowering people

When joining PetrolValves, an induction program will welcome you and facilitate a first contact with your new colleagues. This program helps our new comers to start getting to know the organization, our processes, our tools and the habits of the life in PetrolValves.

Our objective is to make sure the energy, the potential and the value of each single person can express at its best. We do it by strongly investing in people training both to strengthen technical and cross-functional competences to improve the personal and professional development and continuous upskilling of our people.

We annually check business strategy and plans, review competencies and skills and define training needs. Want to learn more about what’s next to come? We are developing the internal PV Academy to provide a set of training programs targeting upskilling and reskilling of our people to better prepare ourselves for the future and its evolving changing needs.

To get quality results, PetrolValves knows it is essential to ensure the highest quality to its people’s life and a good work-life balance:

  • Timesheet flexibility
  • smart working
  • flexible benefits
  • supplementary health coverages
  • supplementary pension contribution plans
  • luncheon vouchers
Who are we looking for?

Who are we looking for?

PetrolValves is always looking for valuable people that eager to join a team constantly aiming at excellence through continuous improvement and innovation.

Special focus is dedicated to the growth of the Team and to external partners, reinventing the status quo and one self’s, operating with solid accountability and integrity driven approach.



We strongly believe that the best way to anticipate change is attracting people with new mindsets and an innovative approach that embraces upcoming technologies. This is the only way of succeeding in the digitalization of our workplace and to anticipate the evolution that the generational changes carry along.

PetrolValves will support those who are accessing to their first job experience to better understand the company and involving them in the opportunities and challenges of everyday life. Closely working with experts, graduates can experience a real work environment and identify their interests, future expectations and the areas where they can express the best: are you ready to get on board and start the journey with us?



Our professionals are valuable people that enrich the company with strong competences and actively contribute to the continuous improvement of the organization and its processes. Passionate, equipped with spirit of collaboration and keen to establish worthy relations, they promote knowledge-sharing to ensure the company keeps growing and innovating.

PetrolValves offers the possibility to participate to exclusive and challenging projects, developing new competences and individual aptitudes and strengths, including International work opportunities in our offices and joint ventures all over the world.



In the rapidly evolving world and fast-moving energy market where we are living, PetrolValves now more than ever wants to engage talented managers to lead the company, managers that can anticipate change and contribute with action plans pursuing the continuous improvement and success of the company.

Passion, resilience and enterprise perspective are the back bone of PetrolValves managers that can translate into action fast, effective and right solutions to ensure the achievement of company goals and people well-being.

Explore the vacant JOBS section to discover more.



Discover the job vacancies and join the PetrolValves world!

If you feel to adhere to the above characteristics, send us your CV and let us find more about you.

Want to know who is our ideal candidate?

  • Enthusiastic, curious and proactive
  • Strongly oriented to teamwork
  • Strongly focused on the internal and external client
  • Results-driven and continuous improvement oriented
  • Flexible and able to adapt to every situation
  • Highly accountable and equipped with self-management
  • Excellent knowledge of written and spoken English
  • Excellent knowledge of main computer tools
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