Boltless Reliable Advanced Valve

Boltless Reliable Advanced Valve

BRAVA is a stepping stone in rethinking the traditional boundaries in a sustainable way.
A concept idea born from well proven and reliable technologies and equipment employed in other industries since decades.


Innovative design

  • An innovative design of Ball Valve
  • Optimized, reliable, thoroughly tested technology
  • Same reliability of a standard valve with increased benefits


New concept

  • Using an engineered retaining ring as joint technologies on pressure containing parts
  • New concept is compatible and interchangeable with traditional Ball Valve
Main Benefits

Main Benefits

Boltless Reliable Advanced Valve
Cost optimization
Shorter delivery
Weight & dimensions
High valve reliability
Service operations simplification
Lower cost of ownership
Fully equivalent
Range of Products
Carbon footprint reduction
Less components involved
Less materials needed
Reduced energy consumption