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Adopting Innovation

Adopting Innovation

In a complex and fast changing environment, modern businesses grow and succeed for a myriad of different reasons. Some are known for their products, others for their services, and others still for less easily-defined factors such as strong brand loyalty or captivating ad campaigns and communication channels.

If you were to scan through the organizations that truly stand out from the pack today as clear leaders within their industries, however, it would be clear that they all have one common factor: they all embrace Innovation.

These innovative leaders in the market include relatively new organizations such as Microsoft, Apple or Amazon—which changed processes at the core of their industries in order to disrupt the status quo— or others like Tesla and SpaceX who have been inventing a market and leading the transformation, others like Shell, BP or Equinor which have been around for decades but owe their continued success to constant reinvention and innovation. Yet, no matter its industry or current standing, an organization cannot expect to maintain a competitive edge if innovation is not part of the overall business strategy.

At the core, innovation is about doing something differently from everyone else operating in your space. If yet we work in a competitive market like the flow systems, then the goal is to develop or update the products until there is nothing else on the market like it, in terms of functionalities, breakthrough or value generated for Customers.

In PetrolValves the core of our activities is about creating value for our Customers and Partners, embracing and changing the status quo to achieve excellence, looking at the same problem from different perspectives. In particular, the adoption of new ways of approaching the same compelling challenges will push the boundaries of technologies in different applications, energizing what’s yet to come and setting the pace and stage for new technologies and solutions in an oversaturated industry.

Cross fertilising technologies well proven in other segments is adopting innovation.

An example is our BRAVA design features, which adopt well proven, reliable and widely applied technology in the O&G, Power or Aviation sectors.




Reshaping the way we design and thinking differently the structure of our products is what advanced manufacturing is bringing into the game. Opportunities to rethink the structure and interaction, simplifying the number of parts and components, thus allowing better resource utilization, less complexity hence cost reduction, improved functionalities.

Integrating engineering and production data, simulation and field proven behavior, predictive and real time analytics is what will make our flow systems intelligent, driving additional value for our Customers.

PetrolValves is bringing intelligence in its flow solutions, building a comprehensive suite of sensors, simulation, data integration and advanced analytics to support lifetime of the systems and improve the total cost of ownership of the assets deployed on field.

Project risk elimination, cycle time reduction, improved CAPEX and overall reduction of total cost of ownership are key factors to succeed in a complex landscape. PetrolValves with its Product Structuring initiative is focusing on improving cost and delivery time, working upfront with Customers in identifying the critical needs and tailoring the solutions.

The ability to predict the behavior of the flow systems in operating conditions is crucial to properly manage the project qualification requirements. At PetrolValves a state-of-the-art testing facility is made available for either project driven qualification or advanced testing campaign to push the envelope of operating design, assess the physical behavior to be reconciled with numerical simulation and to prove correct functionalities in the real operating conditions.