Valve new life

VALVE NEW LIFE is a game changer product that PetrolValves Group has developed to refurbish and upgrade existing valves (supplied by PetrolValves or by a third party) that allow to reduce CAPEX investments up to 40% and improve replacement lead-time reducing it to zero.

Leveraging PetrolValves Group’s reverse engineering capabilities and its proven manufacturing experience, it is possible to revitalize any valve considered at its end of life.

VALVE NEW LIFE can be supplied to PetrolValves Group’s extensive range of products including Subsea and Topside Actuators, On/Off Valves as well as Triple Offset and Control Valves operating in any kind of application and service as well as to valves, actuators and valve system supplied by Third Party manufacturer. Our teams are able to grant fully safe operational capability to the Valve New Life product in line with premium quality and reliability of any PetrolValves’ product, delivering this new technology in key geographies leveraging our regionalization program.

Customer’s valves that have reached the end of life or are not anymore in use, can benefit from a complete reengineering refurbishing being revitalized in the “Valve New Life” product that generate a sustainable Total Cost of Ownership with a predictable cost and stock availability.

Valve new Life can be delivered at customer’s site or we can provide a stock storage/management and a full valve fleet management program to monitor and program availability upon customer’s request.

Thanks to VALVE NEW LIFE sustainable product, PetrolValves Group confirms its commitment to continue supporting customers in reducing their “Carbon foot Print”.

The process

The process

  • Discovery: we analyze end of life valves stock to define the eligible assets to undergo VALVE NEW LIFE revitalization program.
  • Reverse: we disassemble the valves and assess their status.
    • PetrolValves’ valves: revitalizing our assets is easy for us since we preserve all drawings and database information.
    • Third Party valves: we have the reverse engineering capabilities and knowhow to restore and re-manufacture all needed parts.
  • Upgrade: we can revitalize as-it-was valves or upgrade specs with custom tailored solutions upon customers’ needs.
  • Extend: we grant a manufacturing process that improves the assets’ operating life, tested and certified with our state-of-the-art manufacturing excellence.
  • Delivery: we deliver VALVE NEW LIFE products that can continue to operate with high performance and safety.
  • Guarantee: a new mechanical warranty will be provided with the new revitalized valve after having been tested.