Spare Parts Supply

PetrolValves Group grants direct access to the reciprocal global network of highly qualified sister companies and selected partners with a worldwide presence in all major markets, with established operations, skilled professionals and strong project management capabilities locally available to fulfil Customers’ needs in the Flow and Control business with custom fit solutions.

PetrolValves Group covers thousands of engineering and installation projects worldwide and have sold more than 1,000,000 units in the last 20 years providing customized products, value-add engineering and a wide services range embracing a one-stop-shop approach.

Our distinctive approach to spare parts supply blends together a set of proprietary tools, data and expertise to define an effective and Proactive Maintenance Program that applies to PetrolValves’ extensive range of products including Subsea and Topside Actuators, On/Off Valves as well as Triple Offset and Control Valves operating in any kind of application and service, as well as to valves, actuators and valve system supplied by Third Party manufacturer, providing  best in class On Time Delivery supply chain for all products.

Parts and components supply

Parts and components supply

  • Spare parts procurement: supporting the whole procurement process of all the installed valves and relative spare parts thanks to our experienced reverse engineering capabilities from original parts to third party spare parts supply.
  • Critical valve components: PetrolValves proposal is extended to the supply of key components for valves operating in critical condition. This solution is not limited to PetrolValves’ products design but it can also be provided to Third Party valves.
  • Commissioning and start up parts list: we support the commissioning and start-up with complementary parts to secure your build-up phase avoiding any potential delay in the installation delivery and testing of the new equipment.
  • Capital spare parts list: The optimization of the Total Cost of Ownership of each asset includes the proper evaluation of the spare parts needs during unpredictable events and sudden shutdowns. The Capital Spare Parts are the long lead item of each single valve and their availability are vital for a timely intervention on site during plant offsets. PetrolValves can provide at any point time the capital spare parts list also after installation and start-up.
  • Spare parts maintenance list: PetrolValves combines the 60+ years’ experience with advanced preventing maintenance tools, helping our Customers to properly predict and manage the spare parts list for each single event. The spare parts maintenance list can be provided by items and follows the maintenance plans.
  • Shutdown parts evaluation: PetrolValves can assess Customers’ maintenance needs in the critical phase of planning a Shutdown. We also provide our experience regarding obsolescence of materials in the clients’ warehouse proposing a dedicated replenishment plan looking at shutdown needs. We complete our support with bag&tag services on site for preparing spare parts kits before the effective plant turnaround. 
  • Reverse engineering: the combination of our extensive manufacturing experience and technical expertise enables us to run comprehensive products analysis providing the suitable refurbishment and upgrading solutions and customized spare parts supply for any kind of valve and actuator.
Valve supply

Valve supply

  • Valve procurement: PetrolValves product range is vast embracing all type of valves including Ball, GGC, TOV and Control Valves for replacing and upgrading existing fleet. The valve supply can be “like to like” with our already installed design, a customized product upgrade or Third Party valves replacement. PetrolValves dedicates specific production lines for the MRO business for fulfilling the high challenging cycle time delivery for this kind of solutions.
  • Valve upgrade on replacement (BRAVA): BRAVA is the recent achievement of PetrolValves Group’s continuous research for technological upgrade: our Boltless Reliable Advanced Valve is a breakthrough product technology. Due to the innovative body connection this valve has reduced weight and dimensions allowing the installation even in limited spaces to be effectively used for pipeline, cryogenic and process complex applications. BRAVA is fully compatible and interchangeable with traditional Ball Valve and its design allows reducing the assembly and installation activities and simplifying service operation. The valve has been fully qualified in 2020. PetrolValves Group has initiated BRAVA valve “Green Certification” as a product allowing to reduce carbon emission thanks to its improved weight and dimension.
Asset management

Asset management

  • Installation, commissioning and start-up: preservation, preparation to installation, calibration and testing.
  • Stock management: knowing the lead time and obsolescence of each component, PetrolValves Group can deal with our customers’ stock management and components procurement processes within the right timing.