Site services

PetrolValves Group grants direct access to the reciprocal global network of highly qualified sister companies and selected partners with a worldwide presence in all major markets, with established operations, skilled professionals and strong project management capabilities locally available to fulfil Customers’ needs in the Flow and Control business with custom fit solutions.

PetrolValves Group aims at increasing Customers’ assets value and lifetime extension through a customized maintenance program tailored to the specifications of the Customer’s installed base. This program is developed after an accurate assessment of each valve’s characteristics and a detailed analysis that takes into consideration valves and plant features, the level of severity and specified maintenance needs for each item.

Our distinctive approach blends together a set of proprietary tools, data and expertise to define an effective and Proactive Maintenance Program that applies to PetrolValves’ extensive range of products including Subsea and Topside Actuators, On/Off Valves as well as Triple Offset and Control Valves operating in any kind of application and service, as well as to valves, actuators and valve system supplied by Third Party manufacturer.

On-Site Services

On-Site Services

  • Field Service Engineers: highly skilled service engineers take care of each valve throughout the lifecycle, from shipping till its replacement thanks to our long-standing expertise.
  • Commissioning and start up supervision: highly skilled service engineers support our customer’s teams in each step of the commission’s activities.
  • Torque-bolting-tensioning activity: an experienced team of service engineers can support tightening valves and flanges/connections, leveraging our experience and know-how as OEM.
  • Proactive maintenance program: PetrolValves has developed an itemized maintenance program for each single unit sold in the last 20 years. This is the combination of a deep evaluation of the application criticality together with the material selection cycle life. This program allows to properly prevent the maintenance and predict possible failures.
  • Augmented reality service: “ATEX” customized Virtual Reality helmets provide our Service engineers on customer’s site the full availability of drawings, documentation, remote support, side-to-side instructional support to minimize maintenance working time with best repair results. Available also for remote site survey, immersive training and troubleshooting.
  • Resident Engineer: embedding our technical expertise with our customers’ and working together as a team with our engineers staying at their premises.
  • Mobile workshop: a smart facility that can reach any plant to perform ordinary maintenance.
  • Equipment Rental Services: we can provide a turnkey solution, with tools to test and manage local activities: Hydrostatic Test Equipment, Torque Equipment, Test Flanges, Hubs-Clamps, mobile workshop.
Emission Reduction

Emission Reduction

  • Valve leakages to flare is one of the largest contributors to global warming in the energy sector, they find their way to atmosphere via flares, vents and drains. We support our customers in all aspects regarding emission reduction from leak detection, quantification and monitoring and lastly repair failure. 
  • Fugitive emission campaign to verify possible leakages to the atmosphere leveraging a sniffer expertise.
  • Diagnostic of valves in service without interrupting the production process and keeping the valve in the line.
Customer training

Customer training

  • Product Training: with one of the most extensive product range in the valves industry we can support our customers to understand each specific design feature and application.
  • Maintenance Training: our team of experts can guide our customers in keeping their assets at their best, learning how to maintain their valves and in doing so, increasing system’s and plant’s efficiency.
Control and Safety Valves

Control and Safety Valves

We complete the site service proposal with specific solutions for Control Valves and Pressure Safety Valves, to ensure the high reliability requested for this kind of critical products. Our field service engineers can provide onsite testing and certification, repair and troubleshooting.

  • Control valve management: leveraging the organization and optimization skills acquired over the years, we are able to entirely manage the installed base providing a full and wide support to keep all valves healthy and productive. 
  • Pressure safety valves management: periodic testing and adjustment of PSV are essential for the safety of any plant and our qualified teams carry out calibration campaigns in compliance with the actual International Standards.