Fleet management through IO&T

In PetrolValves Group we have been embracing the digital transformation, opening to new ways of purposing our core products to adapt to a fast moving and rapidly changing market and to allow our Customers access new values and outcomes. All of this can be made possible through data connection, digital integration, asset optimization and application of advanced technologies such as additive for an integrated approach.

A key challenge is accelerating the value, finding and using methods to transform operations faster than the competition.

Using an integrated and continuous monitoring system which assures real time assessment of valve and actuator capabilities, increases the reliability, operating performance and maintainability of the whole asset. The diagnostic analytics of this system also allows to benefit from a predictive maintenance strategy and guarantees the highest safety level (SIL) of the plant, reducing at the lowest the risk of failure and decreasing downtime, thanks to a program that enables real time monitoring and proactive intervention.

This asset diagnostic system enables us to guarantee the maximum performance of each valve and to prevent malfunctions without running the risk of stopping the production process. And in the perspective of long-term partnerships, it also allows PetrolValves Group to produce replacement valves or spare parts anticipating the future needs of each customer ensuring time optimization and maximum efficiency.

Our digitalized systems can be supplied to PetrolValves Group’s extensive range of products including Subsea and Topside Actuators, On/Off Valves as well as Triple Offset and Control Valves operating in any kind of application and service and as well as to valves, actuators and valve system supplied by Third Party manufacturer.

Key services

Key services

  • Fleet management: an integrated tool can manage all the asset in operation and in stock stand-by, integrating all the relevant operational maintenance history and cost sustained in the life span of your asset, providing digital report on the fleet status. All PetrolValves IOT tools can be integrated to have an augmented subset of information to have fully under control the fleet asset.
  • Preventive maintenance: allowing proactive intervention against unplanned events or failures, predicting variation in asset performance leveraging our extensive OEM knowledge and set of complex and accurate algorithms. Evaluating operational profile degradation along the life of the component, maintenance schedule for the different components.
  • Remote conditioning monitoring: asset monitoring and optimization can effectively create profiles or pattern of change, avoiding potential malfunction and unscheduled maintenance requirements.
  • Digital twin: starting in the engineering process with a digital tool that allows simulation and optimization of the design in the early stage of the valve conceptual design.
  • Simulation and field-proven behavior: with proper monitoring, understanding of the equipment behavior and monitoring on the field, the critical occurrences can be avoided, guaranteeing normal and safe operation in any asset profile.
  • Torque monitoring: an integrated monitoring system which assures real time diagnostic of valve performance evaluating the key data of the applied torque.