Quality, Environmental and Safety Policy

The Quality Policy applies to all activities carried out by PetrolValves Group relating to the design, manufacture, managing of external manufacturing process, servicing, and refurbishment of ferrous and non ferrous material fluid control valves: wedge, gate, slab gate, expanding gate, globe, check, ball, chocke, axial/nozzle, control valves and associated orifice and wellhead fittings.

Design and manufacture of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic actuators and relevant control system. Stockholding of valves and actuators.

System integrator for High Integrator Pipeline Protection System (H.I.P.P.S.), SIL (Safety Integrated level) analysis on above mentioned single product and complex assemblies (final elements and H.I.P.P.S.).

Design and manufacturing of manual or power operated Triple Offset Valves for the following fields: chemicals, LNG, oil & gas, process, power, onshore, offshore and subsea (IAF 18), as well as to all the activities that guarantee the Functional Safety of the required products in accordance to the international standards IEC 61508 and/or IEC 61511.

The Environmental and Safety Policy applies to all PetrolValves spa activities associated with the design, manufacture, managing of after sales service and refurbishment of valves and actuators for chemical, oil, power generation and offshore and subsea gas/oil transportation.

In light of this policy, PetrolValves’ priorities are the following: full customer satisfaction, respect for the health and safety of its employees, visitors and contractors, and respect for the residents in areas adjacent to the company, with particular attention to respect for environmental and safety legislation and the continuous improvement of Company performance.

The Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Management Systems and the Functional Safety are the tools used by the Company to achieve these strategic targets and to implement this policy.

For this purpose, PetrolValves is implementing an on-going improvement program with the following guidelines:

  • meet the requirements and expectations of the customer in terms of:
    •  quality of product;
    • delivery times;
    • competitive pricing;
  • product full compliance with the prescribed requirements;
  • increase skills and productivity of employees;
  • expansion of the market;
  • process monitoring and continuous improvement of management system;
  • adaptation of the system to changing needs and to fulfil the requirements by all personnel involved;
  • compliance with the applicable legal requirements and other subscribed requirements that are relevant to the environment;
  • business continuity according to the Business Continuity Plan structured in compliance with the international standard BS25999;
  • maintenance of control activities to contain the waste and prevent pollution of air, water, soil;
  • seek continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System to conserve natural resources and contain energy consumption;
  • make the workforce aware of all environmental aspects relating to the Company activity and train the personnel whose activities have significant impact on the environment;
  • make the suppliers and contractors aware of all environmental aspects relating to their activity with the purpose of constantly improving their environmental performance.


The Company is committed to comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System, the Environmental Management and the Health and Safety Management System and the Functional Safety Management System through the analysis of processes and parameters associated with them according to a logic of continuous improvement, while paying constant attention to all environmental aspects (water, air, soil, subsoil and noise), social context, resources used, waste management and research of the exercise emissions reduction resulting from.

PetrolValves therefore undertakes to:

  • structure and maintain the Health and Safety Management System in compliance with the INAIL Guidelines and the OHSAS 18001 standard;
  • structure and maintain the conformity of the Functional Safety Management System of the product to the requirements of the international standards IEC 61508 and/or 61511;
  • train, inform and sensitize all employees in order to create the best conditions for them to perform safely the assigned tasks;
  • establish and maintain a dialogue based on partnership with civil society, local authorities, trade associations, supervisory authorities and with any other party in order to make transparent and clear the Company Health and Safety path;
  • communicate through the Management Review, understood as a fundamental instrument of information and communication, the results of Company strategies in Quality, Environment and Health and Safety and Functional Safety, by presenting a set of performance indicators dedicated to follow the targets improvement;
  • be committed to protect the Health and Safety of workers through the reduction of the risks associated with work activities, particularly by investing in the elimination of hazards at source, by reducing exposure to hazards and by decreasing the likelihood of injury; the company also ensures effectiveness of possible responses to situations of internal or external emergency and is committed to involve its suppliers in the corporate plan to improve the inherent Health and Safety Management System and the Environmental Management System;
  • believe in the need to protect anyone who sign in the plant and particularly the ones who are exposed to increased vulnerability such as handicapped, disabled, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and children for whom specific procedures for protection and care are required;
  • believe in the protection of non-smokers from the risks associated with passive smoking. For this reason, smoking is banned inside the company in all indoor workplaces and the ban is clearly communicated through a sign placed at the access points or wherever it can be easily read by anyone. This sign bears the words “No smoking” as well as the indication of the relative prescription of law, the penalties for violators and subjects on which it is monitored by the ban and ensure responsible infringements;
  • PetrolValves, in compliance with existing legislation, also imposes a ban on taking alcohol and drugs while working;
  • Management is committed to raise awareness and involve all staff in issues related to Quality, Environment, the “functional safety” and the Safety of the workers, it is also committed to communicate the “Company Policy” within the Company – and this at all levels.

Copies of this document are shown in all places attended by workers in order to grant a capillary diffusion.